Meet The Family

Teresa Penner



I would like to introduce myself to you; I am Teresa Penner the owner of Crystal Aire. My career in HVAC started in 2004 when I opened my own Sub-contracting company doing installations. I initially worked in the office only, but one day we were short handed so I went out into the field. Needless to say I loved it, and I continued to work full time installing for over 4 years. One of the contractors I worked with was Dillon Cripps of Crystal Aire, which was a true blessing to my future. He offered me a position with his company and I took it. I started off in Sales and then moved into the Service Manager position. I worked side by side with Dillon for 3 years then was given the General Manager position and served in that position for the last 2 years. In April of 2015 Dillon and Crystal Cripps had a strong calling from God to teach and minister, with this life changing calling, I was given the opportunity to become the new owner of Crystal Aire, I was very honored to assume ownership and to carry on the vision that they had for this wonderful family oriented company.

I am a devoted wife to the love of my life; Jarrett DeBrine, and mother to 4 amazing children. Our daughter Brianna is attending Texas A&M, our son’s Scott and Dawson are in High School, and our youngest Michael is entering Junior High. Needless to say between football, baseball, and track I stay on the go.

My goal is to always put God first in my life in the hope that I will always treat my family, coworkers, and customers with the upmost respect and care.

I have the privilege to work with some of the best people in the HVAC industry and together we make a dynamic team.

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